Why Individual Design Is The Best For Performance Fitness

        The online fitness space is loaded with programs, ranging from straight cookie cutter all the way to the most intense individual design coaching. Each of these program types resonate with a specific clientele base, with specific budgets, and midsets. Through this post we will discuss where each of these programs thrive and why for the performance/serious athlete there is no better option than individual design.

        The way I think about the different online fitness options is by relating them to suit options. We have “Off The Shelf”, “Tailored”, and “Custom Made”.

Off The Rack

        An off the rack suit is represented by cookie cutter programs, these programs tend to be significantly less expensive and marketed to the masses. They are generally good for someone starting to get into training who doesn't want to invest much money. Generally speaking the training is of subpar quality due to the unspecified nature of the training but can be good enough for the initial neuromuscular development required before getting into a more difficult and expensive program. I dislike them for any person serious about achieving their goals and almost never recommend these to anyone.


        A tailored suit is represented by targeted generalized programming. These programs are still similar to the “Off The Rack” because they provide the same generalized program to multiple people but has tweaks to them in order to make them significantly more effective for the client. One way they do this is by having specific goal, for a specific person, and/or skill levels devoted to each of these programs. This would look like an “intermediate skill level program targeting upper body hypertrophy for bodybuilders”; it has a clear goal for a specific person/goal, with a correlated skill level to the program. These tend to still be inexpensive but have immensely more value behind them than the standard cookie cutter programming. They still aren't perfect but can be a great stepping stone for athletes who either cannot afford individual design programming or want to see the value of the coach before starting individual design. We offer these programs for both the tactical athlete side and civilian side to help accommodate for a variety of situations and goals that people may be experiencing.

Custom Made

        Finally we have the custom suit, this is the mack daddy that will make you look cool, sleek, and professional. This is the ultimate embodiment of Individual Design Coaching. The reason why these programs are the gold standard is they custom tailored to fit YOU. Every human is different; we have different goals, weaknesses, strengths, imbalances, every possible factor is different from person to person and as such your program needs to reflect that. This ability to tailor to the individual with all the abilities of a high end coach means that you will achieve your goals, faster, healthier, and with less pain. In essence every possible factor is taken into consideration enhanced with pure rocket fuel for performance gain, and put into an easy to use product.

        I'm trying not to hate on anyone. Each of these programs fill a niche and I obviously have my own beliefs/biases but when you are seeking the best results you need the best services. In that space nothing beats Individual Design Coaching.


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