What Is A Tactical Athlete?

        A tactical athlete has no official coined definition which gives people a lot of leniency when trying to describe them. This can range from only consider trigger puller occupations to be apart of this community all the way to basically every lifestyle.

For ourselves we take a wider spectrum belief in what a tactical athlete is. 

My definition being: “any individual occupying or seeking to occupy the duties of military or emergency service personnel

        The reason why we classify everyone in this category as an athlete is the necessity of being properly and effectively trained. Just like any professional athletes this is extended further than just their physical capabilities but also the tactile skills that are required to become effective in the field. These can include shooting skills, communication, personability, first aid / TCCC, intelligence, and so much more. Each are just single components in creating “The Ultimate Tactical Athlete”.

        We take a wide approach to the term tactical athlete because there are a wide variety of jobs and lifestyle choices that can encompass the training style required of tactical athletes. This broad spectrum will allow us to include people who are generally left off of the term tactical athlete. Some I see frequently forgotten are private military contractors, security, nurses, and the civilian sheepdog. All of these individuals benefit from the training style and knowledge of tactical athletes but because many fall outside of government organizations they are often left by the wayside. 

        What’s important is our ability to recognizing and categorizing the tactical athlete so that we can provide the most effective training patterns for the general function. With this definition of the tactical athletes almost everyone falling under this category will have similar general training but with many slight variations on the individualized side of training. For a more in depth look at what these physical training patterns are click here.

        All in all it doesn't really matter what the definition is, because everyone can benefit from increasing their human capital with some extra training. Especially if you categorize yourself as a tactical athletes, you owe it to the community you serve with to become the best you can be. You never know someone's life may depend on it.

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