The Benefits Of A Remote Coach

        Remote coaching is the fastest growing section of the fitness industry and for good reason. Its flexibility, ease of use, and results make it ideal for most clients all while costing far less than most traditional coaching programs. Most athletes or even recreational fitness enthusiasts are growing to love remote coaching, with many major fitness organizations believing that this will be the future of the fitness space.

Coaching Not Cookie Cutter

        Remote coaching allows for progressive and individualized training, this means that no two clients have the same program. Allowing your coach to assess your strengths and weaknesses, find your imbalances then target and tailor them based around your goals. This style of training will allow you to achieve your goals significantly sooner than you would be able to through standard cookie cutter programming. Further if there are specific exercises that you do not enjoy doing your coach can find appropriate substitutes for you. As an example, one of my clients Tim said he would rather die 5 years early and in terrible health than do one Burpee. Without hesitation I was able to adjust his program so he was able to enjoy his program without his dreaded Burpees.

The App

        The applications that are currently being used are mind blowing with how easy to use and effective they are. Most of the apps including the one we use will email clients their workout at midnight of the new day, this email provides them with a basic rundown of what the workout will entail and a link. Once they press the link they are brought into the application. When they are in the application they can view their workout, have video instruction for the exercise being performed, with their comments / time / weight used in previous weeks, and make comments to their coach about that specific workout. Further than that you can track your all of your essential analytics, from consistency doing your workouts, to baseline weight being used, to body weight, and so much more. The last two main benefits are your daily macro nutrient requirements which can shift dependent on if it is a rest day, a hard training day or just a regular one allowing you to maximize your results and finally having a dedicated forum to converse with your coach about whatever you need for success.  

Time & Knowledge

        Exercise physiology and nutrition science is a complicated subject that requires an immense knowledge base in order to be effectively implemented. Utilizing a remote coach takes all of that uncertainty, guesswork, and research out of your hands. Having someone else program your daily workout frees up your time, energy, and effort to focus on what is important to you. This helps streamlines your results without needing to waste hundreds, possibly thousands of hours it takes in order to learn the science. Look at the people in your life who have tried a diet that was recommended by a book, article, or by a low level personal trainer yet they gained weight or they lost a ton but immediately gained it back. This is a common occurrence in the fitness world caused by not fully understanding metabolic functions or why certain traits occur in a given diet or training program. If you are serious about your goal and / or are restricted with a time frame you can't afford to waste time with this trial and error.

Not Location Dependent

        Remote coaches biggest benefit is that clients are able to find and secure some of the worlds best coaches specific to their goal no matter where they live in the world. This gives you, the client the power to find the right coach for your goals while not being locked into your immediate location. With many niche fitness goals such as those of the tactical athlete, trainers in the clients vicinity simply don't understand what is required of them in the field. They get limited by their knowledge of what is required of the client so they need to draw ideas from movies, video games, and even their own biases. This can create a rift in the clients goals vs the program their trainer gives them, causing the client to progress in areas which will not elevate them to their ideals. Beyond being able to secure top level coaches in your niche, remote coaching gives the client immense flexibility in their training, from being able to attend multiple gyms all the way to being able to train while traveling. For most clients the benefits just from not being tied to a single location are enough to make it worthwhile to most clients, but the benefits don't end there.

No Set Hours

        A big issue for most people is just finding appropriate time to actually train with your coach. You have to arrange your training around your own schedule first but then also around your coaches, this can lead to turmoil if you chose a sought after coach. As many of you know most great trainers are very restricted surrounding their availability for individual coaching, this means you will need to see them during odd hours making it especially difficult. Because of this you are on a set training schedule with little flexibility around your life. Remote coaching removes those deficits by allowing you to dictate when and where you do your training. The power is in your hands. So whenever you enjoy doing your training you can, doesn't matter if it's 3 pm or 3 am you won't be restricted.   

Your Personal Battle Buddy

        Many people become trainers because they find pleasure in helping others achieve their goals. Remote coaches tend to fit this bill immensely, we are dedicated to making you achieve your goals as much as you are. When you get a remote coach you have someone holding you accountable and cheering you on every step of the way towards your goals. We associate part of ourselves in you and will do anything to make you successful. Just as you have a battle buddy in your occupation we become your battle buddy in the gym, elevating you to heights you'd never be able to achieve alone.


        Remote coaching sits generally in the middle of the cost spectrum when compared to cookie cutter programs and in-person coaching, with cookie cutter being the least expensive and in-person being the most expensive. This is due to time requirements of the coaching program. Cookie cutter programs only require it being made once then sold to everyone which is a huge save on time and can result in massive payouts to the coach. In-person training is generally the most expensive because the coach is required to have his attention on a sole person for 1-2 hours, as such he needs to make sure that his time is being valued accordingly. Most people can't afford the big price tag though, with workouts costing $100+ per session this quickly adds up to become the most expensive aspect of their life. The issues go even further; during any properly made exercise program there is a ton of downtime, this can add up to over half of your designated time being used for rest. This means you are paying someone to stand around. Remote coaching fulfills a middle ground between these, you still get the individualized programming and value of the coach but it removes the downtime. Making it much more time efficient for the coach and far less expensive for you. This saving can be massive dependent on how many sessions you get with your coach per month and the quality of the coach. For most people they save on average $600 per month and get vastly better quality training, while also having more directed sessions per month. This cost savings empowers you to get higher quality coaches, to achieve your goals faster and safer than before.

Closing Remarks

        Remote coaching is an immensely beneficial practice for both professional athletes and recreational users. The cost savings, increase in quality of coach, and freedom gained from remote coaching is enough for most people to switch their coaching to it but remember this training is not for everyone. In the end it is your choice whether or not to get a remote coach, but as you can see the benefits are immense and needs to be considered as your potential training style.

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