Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?  

First off as sad as it is to say, many online coaches just use the platform of online coaching as a way to drain money from their clients without putting much effort into their programs, it's extremely easy to throw some exercises on a Excel spreadsheet or providing cookie cutter programs, giving very little variety in movements from client to client but have great marketing campaigns to allow for cash to flow into their pockets. They can hire outside unqualified coaches at low rates to give poor quality programs or as I've seen on occasion, workouts directly pulled off other websites or from forums. Pushing fad diets that will generate interest or worse, yet they won’t even give you a nutrition program. Now I won’t lie to you, you can find cheaper coaches online. They will provide cookie cutter workouts, look for quick short-term gain without caring about your long term health, and look for high turnover clients that after their "6 week program" is done they never have to deal with them again. In my opinion, people shouldn't be looking for that, those simplistic programs can be done for free with just a little research and generally have negative health consequences over time. It is the opposite reason you look for a coach, the reason you look to get one is you want to see immense results consistently over time, reduce the effect of plateauing, and reaching an overall goal. 

There are many professional coaches out there that providing good quality services, at reasonable prices. but they are few and far between. Be sure that any company you are looking at working with is properly trained through quality education firms. I have worked with some in the past and was very pleased with the service.


My Services

 Now I have a philosophy when it comes to providing Physical Training, Health and Performance Optimization services, I drive clients to me and retain them through the consistent value I can provide. Few other programs in this price range go as in-depth into the strategic breakdown of an exercise, nutrition information, individual nutrition needs, rest periods, rest days, sleep, ergogenic supplementation and so much more. I seek to maximize my clients potential through actively working them through each individual goal they have, setting them up with solid nutrition advice as well as an individual health optimization program that is too time consuming for any other online coach to work through cost effectively. 

 I do it for a single reason, to get you the results you desire, as quickly as possible, and to allow the continuance of this for years to come The fact I go so in-depth into so many different aspect of your workouts and daily life means I make slightly less money for the time I put in. But I do it because I care deeply about my clients goals, treating them as if they were my family; looking into every aspect of their life to find the best way to maximize their time and monetary investment and making sure we do not jeopardize long term health for immediate returns. We break down our programs into smaller more affordable packages specific to what you require, that way if you only want fitness programming or nutrition you don't need to purchase the full package but have the availability for both with a few additional services that aren't available on the single programs.