who are we ?

Who am I

My Past Training, Credentials, and Work 

            Just as some background information on me I've been involved in combat sports since a very young age practicing in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Silat, and a host of combative arts from different courses. This is where I learned the basics of fitness and exercise, learning the basics from my instructors, team mates, and multiple introductory courses through high school.

           But as time went on my future military career required a shift towards smarter programming and nutrition. This got me to join a mens group with a strong emphasis on physical development based around exercise and nutrition science. Just through natural curiosity I began learning and asking my coach for resources on the subject. I really enjoyed the subject and I was a natural about learning it. So as I was finishing my police foundations college education I began implementing the knowledge with my classmates and friends, they saw some fairly remarkable results. But the amount I had learned didn't satisfy me, if I wanted to push this as a productive second career I would want to become the best I could be at it, learning from the best sources. So the day after my graduation I enrolled in the NCSA CPT program which is a very highly sought after certification and purchased multiple continuing education sport physiology, nutrition, and exercise science courses immediately. Later enrolling in the OPEX CCP which is the gold standard of athletic performance education, currently over 2500 professionals trust this program with many being being hired for international level athletes.

            Currently i'm employed as the head of strength and conditioning at MAS Thai Boxing in Cambridge, Ontario but I have future aspirations of service in the Canadian armed forces. To me this business is part of my passion to help people, I love getting people reach their goals and because I seem to be a natural at helping people develop their physical health it was a natural progression for myself that I plan on keeping even through my military service.

 My Clients 

            Every client I have comes from a different walk of life, with different goals, and different availability. Ranging from mothers and fathers, to combat athletes training to become professional athletes. Each entrust me with their total performance optimization. Most of our clients will start seeing result after the first week and see significant results towards their goal within the first three months, but our real success is in the ability to have consistent gains over long periods of time. As an example of the quality of our training system, since I started as the head of strength and conditioning at MAS Thai Boxing in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada our athletes have seen monumental gains to performance ranging from maximizing their energy systems and increasing their strength and power without gaining significant weight to getting consistent weight loss, the owner of the gym was so ecstatic with their performance that he wants me to run programs with his team full-time.