what do people say about us?

"I used The Warrior Path to get back in shape after spending most of last year riding a desk as an Acting Deputy Chief. The results were dramatic. I set new PRs in all major lifts, changed my body composition, I'm in the best shape in over a decade and I'm fit to fight fire on the frontline again. Most importantly for me, I did it injury free thanks to my coach who ensured correct form.

I wasn't an easy client. I told my coach to get bent when he asked me to do burpees. "If dying early from obesity means I don't have to do another burpee I choose an early death." My coach was patient and worked out a burpee free program I could do consistently without dreading going to the gym. I was skeptical that coaching could be done effectively through an app on my phone but I grew to love the app. It allowed me to track and log my progress on all exercises, allowed effective communication with my coach and allowed me to send my coach videos of my form.

I’ve done a lot of different fitness programs over my career as a firefighter and this was definitely the best program I’ve ever done." 

-Tim Moen Fire Fighter, EMT, & Leader of the Libertarian Party Of Canada

"I have been working with Chad for the past couple months both at MAS Thai boxing and through the Warrior Path Personal Training. Chad has been running the strength and condition program at MAS Thai Boxing and always provides a difficult but rewarding class. Being a competitive athlete, I asked Chad for help in the nutrition department as a way to manage my weight better during off seasons. Chad has provided me with an effective nutrition plan that has helped me elevate my work out performance. Every time I had a question, Chad as quick to reply and was easy to talk to. Being busy with school, work and training, Chad helped develop a program that worked with the schedule I had. I would highly recommend Chad to those who are looking to learn more about nutrition and fitness and take their health and work-out performance to another level."

-Marques Competitive Muay Thai Fighter

“The Warrior Path fitness training program is unique. Before I got my fitness plan, I wasn’t too motivated to go to the gym. I would constantly put it off, and invent different excuses to not go. Their ability to figure out what works for me is what I find to be the best quality. After two weeks of the program, I had already seen an increase in my mood, physical level, and my willingness to commit to the gym. Thank you, The Warrior Path.”

- Colin Aspiring Police Officer

"My personal goals for fitness was to become, bigger, stronger and overall have a better understanding of physical health. Chad has helped me beyond what I can into words! Before I went to him for help I was stuck where I had no idea how or what to eat and when to eat. On-top of his help on the dietary, he has consistently given me pointers on ways to work myself harder and better options for lifting. Everyday I feel stronger and healthier and it's only going up from here!"

-Malcom Aspiring EMT