The Warrior Path Pro


Chad currently resides as the Head of Strength and Conditioning at MAS Thai Boxing, and owns The Warrior Path. He began his fitness journey for the sole purpose of serving his country. While in college he became infatuated with becoming the most elite athlete he could. He began to work with veteran and current special operations soldiers, ERT members, police officers, and some of the best strength and nutrition coaches on the planet. All in the pursuit of maximizing his potential during his future service. As he proceeded through school he excelled both physically and academically, he was seen as one of the top athletes and had multiple police organizations scouting him before graduation. Chad was happy with how far he had come but knew he want to give more back to the community he loved so dearly. Then it clicked, he would use the skills and knowledge he had amassed to help the next wave of tactical athletes develop themselves physically; allowing them to be the best service men and women they could be. Since that realization he has opened The Warrior Path, became the head of Strength and Conditioning at a world renown Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym, worked as Cadre for The Special Force Experience,  begun working with some of the foremost experts on tactical athletes to ensure client success going into any branch of service or specialized unit, and has pursued multiple fitness education programs to constantly further develop his knowledge on creating the ultimate tactical athlete.